BMW 7 Series Facelift First Drive & Review


BMW 7 Series Overview

This M Sport is an updated variant of the sixth-gen BMW 7 Series that we tested last year. Wait, isn’t this the car that was launched in mid-2016? Yes, but BMW wanted to add some more features to their full-sized flagship sedan. The top-of-the-line trim is still the M-Sport (which we have on test here), which now comes with additional comfort features which we’ll come to later.

So the 6th generation 7 Series comes with a chassis which is made up of high strength steel, aluminium and they have used carbon fibre in key areas to increase rigidity and reduce weight. This being a flagship from the Munich manufacturer, we expect nothing less than loads of tech onboard and more importantly we are ought to discover how much more does it pamper the occupants with the additional features. For more information on car loans visit Fincarz.

BMW 7 Series Design & Style

To say that the new 7 is huge would be an understatement. Measuring over 5.2m in length, it cuts a seriously imposing figure as it waltzes up the road. This is also down to some of the familiar BMW design details like the bulging kidney grille, the strong shoulder-line and the beautifully detailed headlamps and taillights. The 740Li, in fact, is only available in the Design Pure Excellence Signature trim which uses plenty of chrome bits, but it’s a little too understated as it lacks the visual fanfare of the M Sport trim (available in other variants) that gets you more angular front and rear bumpers with oversized air dams upfront and a faux diffuser at the back.

Despite occupying more road space than before, the new 7 Series is around 100kg lighter than before. This is down to the body being made out of aluminium and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic. The 740Li’s also got more driver-centric technologies like adaptive driving modes and self-levelling air suspension that can raise and drop the ride height.

BMW 7 Series Cabin & Comfort

The outside may lack the drama of the M Sport variant, but the interior more than makes up for it. It’s beautifully crafted with swathes of high quality leather on the dashboard and the seats, with fittings that are finely matched to the surface that they butt up against. The incredible detailing on the lacquered dark wood and the brushed aluminium finish on the controls are some of the quality highlights in here. For more details on BMW 7 Series check Tec

There are a wide variety of gadgets, too. You get a fairly massive 10.25-inch touch screen display for the iDrive, 360-degree cameras and 3D imaging. And if that’s not impressive enough, the 740Li also comes with a 7-inch tablet that is neatly integrated into the rear armrest. The tablet can be used to control several functions including front and rear seat adjustment, air conditioning, ambient light and of course, the entertainment functions linked to the iDrive.

The thing with the 740Li is that it isn’t an out-an-out chauffeur-driven choice like the 730Ld. Rather it’s more of a performance limo, one that can be driven by the buyer more often than not. In this regard, the BMW does quite well as comfort levels are top notch, thanks to a gazillion adjustments for the steering and the seat. That being said, rear seat occupants aren’t left out, with masses of head and knee room.

The rear sunroof combined with the multiple ambient lighting options throughout the cabin really elevate the mood. Now for the all-important rear seat, the comfort in the 740Li is truly exceptional with acres of knee room and back support. The backrest and seat base can not only be electrically reclined and adjusted, but also be used as effective stress busters, thanks to the eight-level massage function.

BMW 7 Series Engine & Transmission

The 730Ld’s 3.0-litre inline-six turbodiesel direct-injection motor offers strong performance with 620Nm of torque peaking from a low 2,000rpm, while 262bhp of max power comes in at 4,000rpm. This engine is super refined and there is hardly any noise filtering into the cabin thanks to the excellent sound insulation. In fact, at idle, it’s nearly electric car quiet. Once on the road, it gets even more impressive. The crisp throttle response makes you feel in sync with the mill, while the ZF-sourced eight-speed gearbox goes hand in hand with the engine. It is fairly quick to respond to throttle inputs and the gear-ratios are well-thought-out too. Within the city or on the highway, the 7’s torquey engine, does a great job of pulling away from other cars and traffic, eventually also making for a very calm and relaxed drive.

The car features three engine modes – sport, comfort and eco pro. The engine is most enthusiastic in sending power to the rear wheels in the sport mode, while the throttle response is optimised in the comfort and eco pro modes. This is keeping in mind the relaxed demeanor this kind of luxury sedan is supposed to have.BMW 7 series delivers an average of 10.5kmpl in the city and 13kmpl on open highways. The diesel engine on the other hand gives a higher mileage of 16.77kmpl.

BMW 7 Series Ride & Handling

The sedan’s handling around the bends is quite impressive too. Defying its size and weight with this BMW, you can push through corners much faster than you anticipate and the well weighted steering gives you good feedback too. Ofcourse it’s not a sports car and the soft air suspension makes it feel a bit disconnected and floaty. In terms of ride it isn’t perfect though. At low speeds in comfort the suspension does an admirable job of isolating the passengers from the road surface.

But typical of air springs, sudden sharp edged road irregularities does catch it out (you can hear a loud thunk inside the cabin). Even at high speeds comfort mode is a bit too soft as the car wallows over undulating surfaces. This is where we felt, that either Sport or Adaptive setting worked best where excessive body movements are kept well in check. In addition, the low ground clearance also makes it imperative to go slow over the larger ruts and bumps despite it getting lift function to increase its clearance.

BMW 7 Series Braking & Safety

Also on the safety front, a bevy of safety features including dual airbags, front side airbags, rear seat side airbags, knee airbags, front seat active head restraints, 360 degree camera, reverse assist, ABS, EBD traction control etc. continue to build on the reputation for occupant safety.BMW 7 Series features ventilated disk brakes for both the front and the rear wheels. In addition, it features ABS, EBD, hill assist, traction control EBD and ESP. For additional safety, it comes with airbags, central locking, child seat mount, child safety lock, parking assistant and engine immobilizer.

BMW 7 Series Price in Chennai

Bmw 7 Series On-Road Price in Chennai ranges from 1,48,44,797 to 2,93,81,673 for variants 7 Series 730Ld Design Pure Excellence and 7 Series M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence respectively. Bmw 7 Series is available in 6 variants and 13 colours. Below are details of Bmw 7 Series variants price in Chennai. Check for BMW 7 Series price in Chennai at Carzprice.

BMW 7 Series Last Words

The latest 7 Series is undoubtedly the most convincing of all its generations and the new 740Li does a great job of mixing performance with top-notch quality and comfort. It’s a great buy for those who would like to match sports car acceleration while enjoying the luxury of high-end materials and acres of space.

There’s also a 750Li with a 450bhp version of the M5’s 4.4-litre V8 but as we see it, the smaller and considerably less expensive 740Li is plenty quick for our roads and it simply makes more sense most of the time. Speaking of which, the 730Ld diesel is also fairly quick for daily duties, however, you simply cannot miss the refinement of a 6-cylinder petrol from BMW.

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